How to get Funnelweb in Destiny 2

It's like Recluse lite.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2 gets new weapons every season, and The Witch Queen brought a new weapon to the mix. Veteran players will remember the ubiquitous The Recluse submachine gun, which has been sunset and had its maximum level capped. Though the original Recluse isn’t as effective outside of Patrol areas, players can find some solace in its new smaller sibling, Funnelweb.

Much like The Recluse, Funnelweb is a Veist SMG with a Void element. While Funnelweb lacks The Recluse’s unique Master of Arms perk, it can still pack a punch, especially with the right rolls. Damage-boosting perks like Frenzy and Adrenaline Junkie (after the buffs that made it more than just circumstantial) give it some efficient firepower.

If you’re after a Funnelweb on your own, odds are you won’t have to look for long. Funnelweb is a world drop, meaning it can drop from any activity that rewards you with a Legendary Engram. If you focus Umbral Engrams on Master Rahool, too, you may end up getting a Funnelweb.

Rank-up reward Engrams from Banshee-44, Commander Zavala, The Drifter, and Lord Shaxx also drop from the world pool, and players may get a Funnelweb out of them. Dares of Eternity can also award regular Legendary gear for completions, both from the Dares pool and from world drops.

Lastly, whatever playlist activity you’re farming can also get you a Funnelweb, especially if you use the corresponding Prosperity mod on your Ghost. These mods increase the chance of getting extra Legendaries, which may come from the world loot pool.