How to fix Destiny 2 ‘Stuck On Signing In’ error message when trying to log on

The servers can be your greatest foe, Guardians.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 players will be well-acquainted with server issues at this point. Sometimes, the game just decides that today isn’t your day to play.

One of the most frustrating experiences a seasoned Destiny player can experience is encountering error messages at the log-in screen. Many players just get stuck here, unable to actually load the game at all, and are caught in an endless cycle of sign-in errors no matter how many times they close their game down and try to reboot it. 

While players don’t have very many options when trying to resolve log-in issues for Destiny 2, there are a couple of steps they can follow that will at least give them a better chance at playing the game again as soon as it’s possible.

Here’s how to fix a Destiny 2 game that’s stuck on the log-in screen.

How to fix Destiny 2 Stuck On Signing In error message when trying to log on

Check Bungie’s official channels for updates

Unfortunately, most of the time when players encounter these types of log-in errors, the issues are on the server side and as such can’t be remedied by what players do. Rebooting the game and looking for updates typically won’t help you here.

To make sure that you can’t do much in this situation, always be sure to check Bungie’s official pages for updates. This should give you a good indication of whether the problem is actually with your game or with the game’s servers.

If Bungie doesn’t provide you with any concrete steps to fix your error issues, it’s most likely servers being servers again. Players will just have to sit tight and wait out the downtime. 

At the very least, checking the official Bungie channels can tell players that nothing they can do will fix the issue, and you won’t waste your time trying to fix something that’s not broken on your end.

Check your internet connection

On rare occasions, this issue might be caused by a faulty internet connection. Check to make sure your own internet is working properly and that there are no service outages in your area. That might be the cause of all this trouble in the first place, and as such, you’ll need to wait for your internet to be restored, either by the company or by rebooting your router, to play the game again.