How to find the Quarry Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Head to Sunken Isles on the EDZ.

Screengrab via Bungie

Lost Sectors are some of the most unique features in Destiny 2. Before Beyond Light, the core of their utility (outside of occasional quest appearances) was limited to their Patrol zones, becoming a quest requirement, an easy bounty completion, or a way to farm enemies.

With Beyond Light, however, Bungie introduced a new way to obtain Exotics: by farming a Legend or Master version of Lost Sectors. These activities are at their specific Power Level caps (the same as Nightfalls with the equivalent difficulty), and completing them solo has a chance of awarding an Exotic into a specific slot. If The Quarry is the daily Lost Sector, for instance, completing it without any help from other guardians could award players Exotic armor for a specific slot, which rotates every day.

The Quarry is close to the Sunken Isles landing zone in the EDZ, which makes for a quick trip from the landing zone to the Lost Sector itself. Whether you’re farming Lost Sectors or need to stop by The Quarry to complete a quest (like Season of Plunder’s Cryptic Quatrains III), here’s how you can find this Lost Sector.

How to find the Quarry Lost Sector in Destiny 2

The Quarry is located in the EDZ, and luckily for players, it’s a simple Lost Sector to find. Open the EDZ and scroll your map to the top left, looking for the Sunken Isles area on the northwestern part of the destination. Head into that landing zone, then look for a Cabal communications array slightly to your right when you land. Head in that direction and hug the hill that has the antenna to find the entrance to the Quarry on your left.

If the Quarry is the daily Lost Sector, you can also use the several sparrows parked nearby as an indicator of its location, and they should appear as you get close to the hill with the antenna.