How to buy the Season of the Lost season pass in Destiny 2

It will cost you 1,000 silver after servers reset today.

Image via Bungie

The Season of the Lost is set to begin today in Destiny 2 following the game’s weekly server reset.

The servers typically reset at about the same time every Tuesday at around 11am CT. And afterward, you’ll be able to start your Season of the Lost journey by purchasing the season pass for 1,000 silver (an in-game currency) at the Eververse Store once the servers are officially back up.

Because of the new season, be prepared for some potential server instability issues as you get readied up.

Silver in Destiny can be obtained through the Eververse store for real-life money. The currency costs around $1 for 100 silver, but there are discounts for the currency depending on how much of it you get, if you decide to buy in bulk.

So if you’re just looking to get enough silver to get the Season of the Lost pass, it will require about $10 if you don’t have any silver in your account right now.

To save some time, you might want to consider purchasing your silver prior to the server restart so that you’re not worried about making transactions while the servers are perhaps a little bit shaky after the restart.