How Shared Wisdom works in Destiny 2

Let's spread those gains around.

Season of Plunder - Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 can be played solo, but it’s a game that constantly drives home how its best experiences come when you play with others. From trying to match up a fireteam’s weapons and abilities to become the most powerful versions of yourselves to just goofing around with friends in the Crucible, Destiny 2 constantly reiterates how it’s a team game at heart.

That’s also reflected in some of the upgrades and bonuses players can unlock with the season pass. Sure, the Season of Plunder has plenty of cool cosmetics and important crafting items that players can unlock with the season pass. But included among all the rewards players can receive by increasing their seasonal level are valuable team buffs as well. This is the case with Shared Wisdom.

Players can unlock Shared Wisdom beginning at level five of the season pass and continue to unlock further tiers to Shared Wisdom as they level the season pass up. But what exactly is Shared Wisdom and how do you use it?

Never fear, guardians. Check out the guide below to learn all you need to know about Shared Wisdom.

What is Shared Wisdom in Destiny 2?

Shared Wisdom is fairly straightforward: when you have it unlocked, it increases your XP gains while you’re in a fireteam. It’s a direct buff that you get for teaming up with other players and it works passively, meaning you don’t have to worry about enabling it, disabling it accidentally, or doing something specific to trigger it while you’re playing. 

There are a couple of particulars to know about Shared Wisdom for it to take effect for you, however. The first thing you need to gain access to Shared Wisdom is for at least one member of your fireteam to actually have the Small Fireteam XP Boost unlocked, which you can gain at seasonal level five if you’ve purchased the seasonal pass. From there, make sure that your fireteam is one that you actually made by inviting other players or accepting an invitation from other players. If you simply load up a Strike or a Crucible match and get thrown into a game with random players, the Shared Wisdom buff will not activate.

Once you have those two steps down, Shared Wisdom should activate. It will buff your fireteam’s XP gained in all activities by at least two percent and can be leveled up all the way to an eight-percent buff if you get your season pass to level 86. The Shared Wisdom buff will give fireteams an XP buff according to the player with the highest seasonal level in your fireteam. So even if you don’t have the Small Fireteam XP Boost unlocked in your own game, if one member of your fireteam has the eight-percent XP boost active, all members of the fireteam will receive that eight-percent boost. 

Like we said, it’s good to play together in Destiny 2. Go forth and farm that XP together, guardians.