Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event gets major rework

This annual event makes a grand return.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s famed Solstice of Heroes summer event is scheduled to begin next week on July 19, with Bungle deciding to overhaul how the event normally functions, making sure to improve aspects that were previously unwelcomed.

As usual, players will be able to collect and upgrade a new set of armor, but not in the same way as before. Bungle promises a “major revamp to the Solstice EAZ activity,” further mentioning that players will have “a brand-new armor upgrading experience.”

Finally revamping the tedious process needed to obtain the perfect armor, after upgrading, as usual, players can now re-roll their armor for the best stats possible. CJ Payne, Bungle’s design lead, elaborates further in Bungle’s latest blog post.

“We wanted to change the way you earn and upgrade armor with this update to Solstice,” CJ Payne explains. “As part of that, we removed those pesky objectives from the armor and streamlined the upgrade process for all classes.”

Image via Bungle

A new currency called Silver Leaves has been added through the event, which will drop from “activities throughout the game,” which can then be converted into Silver Ash with a new activity called the Bonfire Bash. This ash can be used to reroll the stats on your Solstice armor. 

Furthermore, completing Event Card challenges will reward you with Kindling, which can be used to upgrade your Solstice armor, increasing its potential stat threshold up to three times. The devs say that you only need to kindle armor on a slot-by-slot basis, thankfully.

“If you upgrade a helmet all the way to Tier 3, every Solstice helmet currently in your inventory and any future helmets you earn for that class can now access Tier 3 stat rerolls,” Bungle states in its blog post.

Fully upgraded and kindled armor will receive special glows, with an array of free and paid glows available as well, which will come out alongside other event cosmetics.

Speaking of Event Card challenges, the Solstice of Heroes event this year will be the first holiday to implement the Event Card system after it was announced earlier this year. Similar to the weekly challenges tab, it will help players stay on top of all their long-term objectives.

Image via Bungle

Throughout the event, you will earn tickets, and if you are willing to shell out $10 to unlock the premium tier of the Event Card, you can trade in the tickets for exclusive rewards. Players will also be set to receive a special bundle of summer-themed items, such as the alarming “Hot Dog Eating Champ” emote.