Bungie to host Destiny 2: The Witch Queen showcase on Aug. 24

Savathûn is coming.

Image via Bungie

The future of Destiny 2 will be revealed in a showcase for its upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, on Aug. 24.

Bungie announced the showcase with a simple tweet today that only says “survive the truth,” in an image bearing the visage of Savathûn, The Witch Queen herself.

Originally scheduled to launch sometime this fall, The Witch Queen expansion was delayed into early 2022 due to COVID-related production issues. Bungie had spent over a year working from home while supporting Destiny 2 as a live service game.

Savathûn, the Hive god of deception and Queen of the Taken, has been teased in in-game lore and writings as far back as 2015’s The Taken King expansion in Destiny 1. After years of build-up, her machinations are ready to take life in the game.

With Savathûn, nothing is ever as it seems. With deceit as her No. 1 weapon, the showcase itself might be a ruse to mess with the player base as a sort of metagame. The tagline of “survive the truth” is warning enough that nothing she reveals should be taken as fact.

Season 15 of Destiny 2 is scheduled to begin on the same day as the showcase, which will likely be a pre-recorded video or livestream event.