Bungie just revealed Destiny 2’s long-anticipated villain, Savathûn, in a Twitter video teaser

"Truth is a funny thing."

Image via Bungie

After nearly six years of build-up, Destiny 2’s Savathûn, the Witch Queen, has finally shown herself—on Twitter, of all places.

One day ahead of Bungie’s highly anticipated showcase event, the developer has released a short teaser video that reveals Savathûn for the first time. And she looks and sounds absolutely incredible, at least from behind.

The video thankfully doesn’t reveal much else. It shows Savathûn wading into some murky water with Hive corpses floating within. She looks to be in a completely new location that has yet to be seen in Destiny 2 or Destiny 1.

As for her design, she looks simply amazing. The Witch Queen looks Hive in nature, but with more regal features than even her dead brother Oryx, The Taken King. The chitin that makes up her headpiece in the shape of a wicked, twisted crown is especially awesome, but so are the shapes on her arms. And the cloak, too, fitting for a queen.

“Truth is a funny thing,” a voice says, presumably Savathûn’s, considering it doesn’t sound like anyone else in the series.

The Witch Queen has been built up for many years within Destiny’s lore and story beats, lurking in the darkness, pulling the strings behind the curtains for numerous large events. Now, it appears that she’s ready to reveal herself to guardians and players everywhere.

Destiny 2’s showcase event begins tomorrow at 11am CT, and all about the upcoming 2022 expansion will be revealed. The game’s new season, Season of the Lost, kicks off an hour later.