Bungie job listing reveals plans to create Destiny TV shows, films, comics, and more

The Destiny universe is set to expand further.

Image via Bungie

Bungie’s massive space-shooter franchise Destiny is staged to grow even larger. The company is seeking to hire someone to lead projects that will see the IP expand into new mediums, according to the company’s official hiring website.

A new listing, first spotted by TheGamePost, has appeared for a senior executive of development for film, TV, and transmedia. This person will report to the Destiny universe executive creative director and drive projects that would see Destiny expand into TV, films, books, comics, and audio formats. Bungie is looking for someone with experience in animation and scripted television development, in addition to novel and graphic novel publishing.

The job listing implies that these projects wouldn’t be run in-house at Bungie but rather through third parties that this senior executive would be responsible for coordinating with.

The Destiny series has been revered for its long-running storytelling throughout both of its games, with an exceptionally large database of lore wrapped around impressive world-building. Bungie’s ability to introduce new characters, antagonists, and worlds has kept the game fresh and interesting while gameplay has remained largely the same.

Destiny wouldn’t be the first Bungie property to see expansion into mediums outside of video games. The original creators of Halo oversaw the release of several original Halo novels, as well as a comic series, with several live-action features coming out after the franchise was handed to 343 Studios. A Steven Spielberg-produced live-action television show is also in the works.