All Synthcord Bounties for Armor Synthesis/Transmog in Destiny 2

Pick your favorite activity to make the long grind less time-consuming.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s new Armor Synthesis system allows Guardians to turn unlocked pieces of gear into Universal Ornaments. Creating the cosmetics, however, is a lengthy process that involves three different resources, a series of bounties with randomized objectives, and a technological loom that will craft the necessary materials.

Ada-1 is the handler for all Armor Synthesis activities and she gives out activity-based bounties as part of the process to obtain Transmog materials. Players can choose an activity that will generate progress toward the bounty (Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Raids/Dungeons, or Destinations), but the objectives themselves are randomized and chosen from a list. The process works similarly to quests for Stasis Fragments from the Exo Stranger.

Since bounties are an integral and unavoidable part of Armor Synthesis, picking the right activity (and a little luck) can mean the difference between an excruciating grind and a slightly less painful run. Here’s a list of all the objectives in Synthweave Bounties separated by activity, courtesy of the creator of Today in Destiny.

Vanguard Bounties

  • Kill 40 Champions in Nightfall.
  • Score 200,000 points in Nightfall.
  • Complete four Nightfall strikes (Grandmaster runs yield full progress).
  • Complete four strikes. Defeat 200 enemies with Void/Solar/Arc final blows (each bounty requires one specific element).

Gambit Bounties

  • Get 50 Guardian kills as a fireteam.
  • Complete seven matches. As a team, kill 200 enemies with Void/Solar/Arc final blows (each bounty requires one specific element).
  • Defeat 30 Primevals, Envoys, and High-Value Targets.
  • Send or defeat 50 Blockers.

Raid/Dungeon Bounties

  • Defeat 50 challenging combatants.
  • As a team, get 150 Arc, Void, and Solar kills.
  • Complete the final encounter.
  • Complete two encounters.
  • Generate 100 Orbs of Power.

Destination Bounties

  • Complete four Empire Hunts (Europa).
  • Defeat 50 Nightmares (Moon).
  • Open 15 Altars of Sorrow Chests. A full clear counts as five out of 15 total (Moon).
  • Complete 10 Public Events.
  • Defeat 85 Champions, Bosses, or High-Value Targets. In addition, loot chests.
  • Complete five Wrathborn Hunts.
  • Open 10 Blind Well chests. Higher tier runs give increased progress. (Dreaming City)