All Seasonal Artifact mods in Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen (Season 16)

Say hello to Anti-Barrier scout rifles again.

Screengrab via Bungie

Though some classic weapons like Anarchy require an active balancing effort to tune them, most meta weapons live and die by the Seasonal Artifact. Season of the Splicer’s Breach and Clear and Season of the Lost’s Particle Deconstruction, for instance, brought grenade launchers and linear fusion rifles to the spotlight, and champion mods also set the tone for the season in higher-level content.

Season of the Risen is no different and players finally have access to the season 16 artifact, the Synaptic Spear. This gives players a few different ways to take down Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions, which appear throughout Nightfalls or higher-level versions of dungeons and raids.

Here are the mods in the Seasonal Artifact for Season of the Risen.

Anti-Champion Mods

  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle
  • Overload Rounds (SMG/AR)
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
  • Piercing Bowstring (Anti-Barrier for bow)
  • Unstoppable Pulse Rifle
  • Unstoppable Glaive
  • Overload Grenades
  • Inferno Whip (Unstoppable melee attacks)

General-Use mods

  • Glaive Dexterity
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger
  • Psyonic Forging I
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Hand Cannon Targeting
  • Glaive Scavenger
  • Thermoshock Plating
  • Font of Might
  • Psyonic Forging II
  • Lucent Finisher
  • Suppressing Glaive
  • Suppression Mastery
  • Devouring Depths
  • Volatile Flow
  • Energy Vampirism
  • Suppressive Darkness

All screengrabs via Bungie