All Calus Repressed Memories (collectibles) in the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2

Here's where to find all 12 of them.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted gave players the Duality dungeon, where the Guardian and their fireteam go inside Calus’ consciousness to conduct an Inception-esque mind heist using Eris’ mix of Hive magic. The dungeon takes place in a pocket of Calus’ memories, alternating between “reality” and the “nightmare realm,” which takes on a signature blood-red hue. All the mechanics in the dungeon involve going back and forth between the two dimensions, including boss damage phases, and that dynamic makes it evident why the Duality dungeon has that name.

Throughout the raid, Calus will make a point to sprinkle in lore and talk about his story (all while taunting the Guardian in the meantime), but the real treasure is in the hidden memories scattered throughout the dungeon. These will give players the Mind Heist triumph, which increases the drop chance of the Heartshadow Exotic sword, and will also show some invaluable lore about the former Cabal Emperor’s backstory. The messages are an even deeper dive into his mind, and showcase key moments in his story—from the coup that deposed him to his inevitable siding with the Witness.

There are 12 memories around the Duality dungeon, from the entrance to right before the final boss arena, and each prompts a hidden log from Calus. Here’s where to find all of them.

One: Entrance

After you shoot the bell and return from the nightmare realm for the first time, you’ll have to climb your way through the dungeon. Once you’re close to the end of the puzzle and on the second-to-last ledge you need to reach, you’ll spot an open door on your left side. That’s where the first memory is. And technically, the second as well.

Two: Entrance, in the nightmare realm

The second memory is in the same spot as the first but in the nightmare realm. To get it, activate the bell across the room to go into the nightmare realm, then spot the closest platform to you on the right side, which should be just above the glint of the torch. From there, hop to the next platform and look at the doorway to see this memory at the end of a hall, by a War Beast statue.

Three: Below the drop

Keep on following the path and you’ll come out on a bell that’s across from a ventilation shaft and right before a drop. Jump down, then look to your right to find an opening through which you can shoot a bell. Hit it to be sent to the nightmare realm and clear the area. Then, jump to the ledge across from you and look around to spot this memory across from it, on the same side you came in from.

Four: Before the Gahlran encounter

After you go through the creepiest door in Destiny 2—one where the doorway is Calus, mouth agape, as if he was swallowing you—you’ll come out into a large room with several enemies, which leads into the Gahlran encounter. Clear them out, then look to the right side of the room to find a hanging tapestry. There will be a small ledge you can mantle on to, then use that to go up and find another hidden memory.

Five: After (or During) the Gahlran encounter

Though you can get this one during the Gahlran encounter, it’s probably best for your safety to wait until there are no longer any furious Cabal shooting at you. Clear the encounter, then head into the room with the War Beast symbol.

Screengrab via Bungie

Six: Navigate the Crypt

After Gahlran, you’ll have to navigate through the Crypt. To make your way through, you’ll have to trigger two levers, which will create a makeshift stairwell. After activating the second lever, go across and take a newly raised path on your left. Use the coffins as steps until you come to a wall, then look for a secret room around it to spot another memory.

Seven: On a drop, after the Crypt

Continue past the Crypt and once you get to the impossibly far jump, look to your left to spot a mechanical object that serves as a foothold. Jump onto it, then look slightly below to find a crevice you can head inside.

Eight: In the room with the four large statues

In the room with the four large statues you have to turn, head into the nightmare realm and go to the platform with the large pillar on your left side. The memory will be hidden behind the pillar at approximately your 11 o’clock.

Screengrab via Bungie

Nine: After unlocking the Vault

After the Vault encounter, face the stairwell leading to the bell, then go to the left. Hop on the coffins like you did in the Crypt section to find this one at the top of the makeshift stairwell.

Ten: The Depths

After getting your loot from the second encounter, you’ll go inside an area called The Depths, which has a colossal structure in the middle of the room. Go below it to find this memory, as well as a nearby secret chest.

Eleven: Above the Depths

Continue through The Depths and activate the bells as normal. Make a right on the beam that’s perpendicular to you once you can, then look to the left to spot a doorway. There’s a memory inside it. To go back, head across and to the left and you’ll be back at another bell.

Twelve: Right before Caiatl’s arena

Once Calus talks about why he named his daughter Caiatl, you’ll be close to the final boss arena and to the last memory you need. Follow the path until you’re close to the arena, then look above you to see a small opening on top of the doorway. Jump to a platform on your right, then hop onto the ledge above the door to get the last memory.