Xfl0ud leaves flusha’s CS:GO team

The team is down to just three players six days before the season restarts.

Image via Valve

Yasin “⁠xfl0ud⁠” Koç has moved himself to the bench of GORILLAZ, which is Robin “flusha” Rönnquist’s project after he left Fnatic in April. The young Turkish CS:GO player had been playing for them since May when he filled the void created by the departure of Rokas “⁠EspiranTo⁠” Milasauskas.

Xfl0ud leaves GORILLAZ after attending just two events with flusha and crew where they had subpar results, earning top-14 finishes at both Elisa Invitational Summer Regionals and Spring Sweet Spring 2 Regionals. The 18-year-old said he’ll share the details about his exit “very soon,” which could clarify if he left the international team to join another CS:GO squad.

The departure of xfl0ud leaves GORILLAZ down to just flusha, Miikka “⁠suNny⁠” Kemppi, and Jere “sergej” Jalo, who have been playing under the tag since the beginning of the project in April. These players were already looking for a fifth after Niels Christian “⁠NaToSaphiX⁠” Sillassen left the team in July. GORILLAZ has struggled to secure a stable five-man lineup since its inception, having played with Buğra “⁠Calyx⁠” Arkın as well.

The team will have just six days to find two new players in time for the Elisa Invitational Fall Regionals, which will kick off on Aug. 16, one day after the summer player break ends. The players also have not yet revealed the unnamed organization they’ve signed with since GORILLAZ is just the name of the tag and not an esports org. Flusha said in April that the investors would go public in the “near future,” but four months have passed since then.