WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals: Day 1 Recap

A recap of today's WESG regional finals action.

The World Electronic Sports Games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship European and CIS regional qualifiers kicked off today with some big names competing. GODSENT, Team EnVyUs, Virtus.pro, Dignitas and Astralis were among several teams who competed today.

Within the top teams, some fared better than others. Notably, Virtus.pro struggled and dropped both of their matches on the day. They lost to both Team Russia and Team Norway in games against competition that they should have been able to beat. Dignitas, on the other hand, dominated both of their opening games, going 3-0 against Team iGame.com, k1ck old, and Epsilon Esports. GODSENT, undoubtebly one of the tournament favorites, started their campaign at 2-1, defeating both Team LDLC.com Espoir, and PIXEL, before a questionable loss against Team Ukraine.

The opening day of the competition certainly had plenty of surprises and tomorrow’s group stage conclusion will no doubt have more. Results from the five aforementioned teams are shown below.

Dignitas 16-11 k1ck old

Dignitas 16-1 iGame.com

Dignitas 16-9 Epsilon eSports

Team Norway 16-5 Virtus.pro

Team Russia 22-19 Virtus.pro

Astralis 16-12 ALTERNATE aTTaX

Team EnVyUs 16-12 FISH4LIFE

Team EnVyUs 16-5 ALTERNATE aTTaX

GODSENT 16-1 LDLC.com Espoir


Team Ukraine 16-10 GODSENT

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