Valve has reportedly paid $45 million to CS:GO skin makers

Apparently skin-making is profitable work.

Image via Valve

A Reddit user has shared some interesting CS:GO workshop statistics. Valve has reportedly paid over $45 million to CS:GO skin makers, according to “publicly available data.”

The game has over 180,000 entries in its workshop, but less than one percent were accepted by Valve.

Wednesday and Thursday seem like the best days to submit a creation since 39 percent of the skins that made into the game came on these days. Monday and Tuesday, on the other hand, might not be the best time to submit your art. Skin makers have a combined 20-percent success rate on these days.

Only 130 authors were lucky enough to be picked by Valve and the game has 348 different skins. Coridium is the most successful skin maker. He has 18 weapon skins in the game and is the owner of the asiimov collection, a heavily-used AWP, M4A4, and AK-47 skin. But the artist may have abandoned his job since he hasn’t published anything since 2016.

CS:GO offers different types of skins for unique in-game elements. It started with guns and knives only, but in 2016, Valve introduced new gloves to the game. These gloves are one of the most expensive cosmetic items in CS:GO.

Maybe it’s only a matter of time before Valve implements other custom options, like a different C4 or player uniform. Games like Fortnite have been increasing its player base because it allows players to personalize almost everything.