Valve flips Dust 2’s B doors and improves player visibility in latest Counter-Strike update

The devs have upped the ante.

Image via Valve

In an ode to Counter-Strike 1.6, Valve has flipped B doors on CS:GO’s most iconic map.

De_Dust 2’s B doors have been updated in the game’s latest patch, together with changes to player visibility across the board.

The adjustment to B doors has the potential to change the dynamic of the bombsite, and allow for retake situations. It was previously a difficult bombsite to breach and often fell into the terrorist side’s favor.

The change gives the counter-terrorists full view of the car and the opening of tunnels, preventing the terrorists from holding the angle, and forcing them to fall back, or position in close proximity to the bomb.

To counterbalance this, the flipped doors also give the terrorists an easier time of planting the bomb, especially in the default position. In the scale of things, the change to B doors are minor, but they should create new strategies around the bombsite. 

Valve has also updated player visibility and added a new option in the game’s settings.

Image via Valve

Activating Boost Player Contrast improves character readability across all maps and locations. The special post-process filter applies to stationary characters, helping them stand out from the background. To coincide with this, Valve has also decreased fogging on characters, targetting visibility in long distances.

This new option is applied by default and is now live.