UMP-45 gets nerfed in latest CS:GO update

SMG players will have to adjust to the meta.

Image via CS:GO Stash

The UMP-45 underwent a meta-changing change in last night’s major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update.

The ranged damage of the popular submachine gun has been significantly reduced from 0.85 to 0.75 so that it’s “more in line with the SMG category.” This means that the damage for each bullet will experience a drop at about 500 units, which is about half of the middle catwalk on Dust II.

Image courtesy of [Sloth Squadron]

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The professional scene will have to perform some testing in the coming weeks before conclusions can be made about the gun’s viability in the current meta. 

Players may be forced to engage in more close-quarters combat situations if they want the UMP-45 to remain effective. If not, they’ll have to stay with the status quo of AK-47s, M4A1-S/M4A4s, and AWPs, which can easily take a toll on team economy. 

Opponents of the weapon have also voiced their disdain of the update on Reddit’s /r/GlobalOffensive, arguing that the change is too lenient.

They’ve recommended reducing the overall damage, increasing the economic price point, and even increasing the Galil AR and FAMAS damage. Reducing that type of damage and increasing the price point could completely eliminate the UMP-45 from the meta, which is the opposite of what Valve seem to want (e.g. the March 24 Negev Update). Making the Galil AR and FAMAS viable in buy rounds could change the meta almost entirely. 

The entire game patch notes (5/23/17) from the Counter-Strike blog can be found here.