TYLOO brings in LETN1 as new CS:GO head coach

He arrives after TYLOO did not qualify for PGL Antwerp Major.

Photo via DreamHack

Former CS:GO prof Nestor “⁠LETN1⁠” Tanić has become the new head coach of Chinese team TYLOO.

LETN1 joins TYLOO two weeks after the Chinese team failed to make it to the PGL Antwerp Major following defeats to IHC and Renegades at the Asian-Pacific Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament. The Serbian will replace QiFang “Karsa” Su, who left TYLOO in early April.

LETN1 is perhaps most known for his period with international team CR4ZY between 2019 and 2020, the squad that was later acquired by c0ntact Gaming in January 2020. The Serbian, though, was moved to the bench in July 2020 and hung up his keyboard and mouse in 2021 after he signed with EXTREMUM to be an analyst and manager.

The 29-year-old’s stint with EXTREMUM ended in December 2021 and he worked as a coach for the Estonian team SC during April. Even though TYLOO have not been relevant in international tournaments for years, they are one of the biggest teams in the APAC region, and a great opportunity for LETN1 to prove himself as head coach.

The Serbian coach told HLTV that he and the players have begun a bootcamp in Europe, where they will compete in tournaments and practice against European teams. Their plan is to go back to Asia only for RMR events, according to LETN1.

Even though LETN1 is the only non-Asian person on the roster, the communication should not be compromised because the majority of the players speak English. “BnTeT is the IGL and his English is very good, we worked together the whole last year in EXTREMUM,” LETN1 said in an interview with HLTV.

“He will translate to them whatever I say, but the majority of the players speak English, so they can understand what I am saying. Their calls are also mixed up with Chinese and English, so I don’t think that will be the big problem.”

TYLOO have no officials scheduled for now, but they likely will start attending tier-two online events in the near future.

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