The best plays from the FACEIT London CS:GO Major

Whose play from the Major was the craziest?

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The FACEIT London Major concluded on Sunday, Sept. 23, with Astralis crowned as the newest world champion.

In the three-week span of Counter-Strike’s most prestigious tournament, teams were squashed out of the 24 team pool one by one. Of all 120 players that competed in Valve’s $1 million event, only a small number pulled off montage-worthy highlights.

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Here are the best plays from the 13th CS:GO Valve Major. These highlights are organized in chronological order by the Major stage in which they occurred. FACEIT also made a few highlight reels from the London event, ranking 10 plays from each stage. Those are shown further below.

FACEIT’s Top 10 Plays of the New Challengers Stage

  • BIG smooya ace-clutch vs. compLexity Gaming (New Challengers Stage)
  • OpTic gade pistol ace vs. TyLoo (New Challengers Stage)
  • BIG Tizian flick vs. Renegades (New Challengers Stage)

FACEIT’s Top 10 Plays of the New Legends Stage

  • Fnatic JW spray transfer vs. Vega Squadron (New Legends Stage)
  • Mouz suNny 1v4 clutch vs. FaZe Clan (New Legends Stage)
  • Astralis gla1ve 1v3 clutch vs. Team Liquid (New Legends Stage)

FACEIT’s Top 10 Plays of the New Champions Stage

  • Na’Vi electronic ace vs. BIG (New Champions Stage)
  • Team Liquid NAF 1v3/4K vs. Astralis (New Champions Stage)
  • MIBR FalleN ace vs. compLexity Gaming (New Champions Stage)