StarLadder Americas Minor: Results and live updates

The two best teams will qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major.

Image via Valve

The next CS:GO Major is getting closer.

Eight teams will battle for a spot at the StarLadder Berlin Major in August, the second tournament sponsored by Valve in 2019.

The teams were split into two groups, which features a double-elimination GSL format with only the first match being a best-of-one series. The two best teams of each group will later play a double elimination best-of-three format.

NRG and FURIA are the favorites to qualify for the Major as they are the better-ranked teams and have played at the last Major at IEM Katowice in February 2019.

Here are the results in the StarLadder Americas Minor, updated with the most recent games on top.

Sunday, July 21

Consolidation final

FURIA defeat INTZ 2-1 and qualifies for the StarLadder Berlin Major

  • Train: FURIA 16-5 INTZ
  • Nuke: FURIA 14-16 INTZ
  • Mirage: FURIA 16-6 INTZ

Saturday, July 20

Upper bracket final

NRG defeat INTZ 2-0 and qualifies for the StarLadder Berlin Major

  • Train: NRG 16-10 INTZ
  • Mirage: NRG 16-3 INTZ
Lower bracket final

FURIA defeat Sharks 2-0 and Sharks is eliminated from the Minor

  • Nuke: FURIA 16-9 Sharks
  • Train: FURIA 16-12 Sharks

Friday, July 19

Upper bracket second semifinal

INTZ defeat Sharks 2-0

  • Mirage: INTZ 16-12 Sharks
  • Nuke: INTZ 16-13 Sharks
Upper bracket first semifinal

NRG defeat FURIA 2-0

  • Train: NRG 16-7 FURIA
  • Nuke: NRG 22-20 FURIA

Thursday, July 18

Group A decider match

Sharks defeat Singularity 2-1 and Singularity is eliminated from the Minor

  • Nuke: Sharks 7-16 Singularity
  • Vertigo: Sharks 16-6 Singularity
  • Train: Sharks 16-10 Singularity
Group B decider match

FURIA defeat Luminosity 2-0 and Luminosity is eliminated from the Minor

  • Vertigo: FURIA 16-12 Luminosity
  • Mirage: FURIA 16-11 Luminosity
Group B elimination match

FURIA defeat eUnited 2-0 and eUnited is eliminated from the Minor

  • Nuke: FURIA 16-9 eUnited
  • Overpass: FURIA 16-12 eUnited
Group A elimination match

Singularity defeat Team oNe 2-1 and Team oNe is eliminated from the Minor

  • Train: Singularity 16-12 Team oNe
  • Inferno: Singularity 11-16 Team oNe
  • Nuke: Singularity 16-12 Team oNe

Wednesday, July 17

Group B winner’s match

INTZ defeat Luminosity 2-1

  • Mirage: INTZ 16-14 Luminosity
  • Train: INTZ 3-16 Luminosity
  • Overpass: INTZ 16-14 Luminosity
Group A winners’ match

NRG defeat Sharks 2-0

  • Inferno: NRG 16-14 Sharks
  • Nuke: NRG 16-12 Sharks
First round
  • NRG 16-5 Team oNe
  • INTZ 16-13 FURIA
  • Sharks 16-8 Singularity
  • Luminosity 16-11 eUnited