S0m wins the map for his team with a ridiculous fadeaway grenade

Players are always chasing after content when they play CS:GO pugs.

Image via Valve

Sam “s0m” Oh, a 17-year-old CS:GO professional won the map for his team with an unusual play last night at a FACEIT pug.

The Envy player was in a one-vs-one clutch to win the map and decided to finish it out in style, killing rdfg_ with a ridiculous fadeaway HE grenade. Professional players usually chase after content for their social media when they choose to play pugs or a FACEIT Pro League match.

The big thing about s0m’s play is that he calculated the exact time to throw the grenade while jumping over the ledge. The HE killed rdfg_, who was holding the defuse and s0m died right after by suicide making Leonardo “Laski” Arroyo, one of s0m’s teammates, laugh hard.

This sort of play may have never been made in a professional match because it’s way too risky and if it fails, the other team might grab the chance to gain momentum and finish out the match. That’s why you only see pros doing that on pugs or FPL.

S0m, by the way, is one of the greatest puggers in North America. The young player is sitting on the sixth position at the FPL ranking this week.