Return of the #BoysInBlue: ELEAGUE Group F Finals

EnVyUs took the ELEAGUE Group F finals over Virtus.Pro to move onto the playoffs. VP will play in the last-chance qualifier, but here is everything you need to know from tonight's games.

The #BoysInBlue defeated the plow tonight in Turner and WME|IMG’s ELEAGUE to finish off the group phase of the season.

Team EnVyUs took the series 2-0 over Virtus.Pro in a stunning showcase across Train and Cache. This was the last group final before the bye week prior to the last-chance qualifiers.

Virtus.Pro commented on how they did not want to just be a top team, but they wanted to define their legacy since their organization is the oldest in Counter-Strike, as they have been playing together since Counter-Strike: 1.6.

Team EnVyUs is well known for being a top tier team that had a tumble to the bottom and was searching for redemption in Group F. This year, the French team had numerous last place finishes, but this week in ELEAGUE showed a boost in their performance.

Train is known to be one of VP’s better maps, so the analysts and casters believed that the Polish team would take it. Paweł “byali” Bieliński opened the VP counter-terrorist side with a massive triple kill round. Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski picked up a triple kill in the second round that included a backstab.

EnVyUs was able to pick up the team’s first three rounds after the first seven went in favor of VP. EnVyUs was able to pick up two more rounds while VP secured a couple more rounds to take the half 9-6.

VP is known for a strong terrorist side on Train. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and the boys in blue did not let that worry them as EnVyUs brought the game to an 11-11 tie. EnVyUs furthered their lead to take the map 16-11 in an upset victory.

EnVyUs had a better record for the week on Cache with two wins and no losses. VP lost the only time they played the map this week and it was against EnVyUs.

VP was able to secure their first round in round 11. The Polish veterans were able to get a ninja defuse to take their fourth round and finish their counter-terrorist half down 11-4.

KennyS had an intense clutch with the AWP in round 19 to get EnVyUs up to matchpoint. VP did pick up some more rounds, but in the end, it was EnVyUs who won the game 16-8.

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