G2 vs. C9 and other matchups set after day one at the Krakow Major Offline Qualifier

The playing field for the Major Qualifier is proving to be one of the most competitive.

Photo via PGL

Day one of the Krakow Major Offline Qualifier has come to a close as the first round games of the Swiss Format are complete. In today’s matches, six teams went the distance in three overtime matches, while the remaining matches were tight races to match point—with the exception of one.

In both double-overtime thriller matches on Inferno, G2 Esports edged out Immortals 22-20 and Team Liquid knocked down TyLoo 22-19. The last overtime match of the day involved a comeback from FlipSid3 Tactics over Renegades with a score of 19-16.

Penta Sports narrowly defeated OpTic Gaming on Train 16-14, while GODSENT managed the same 16-14 scoreline against Team Dignitas on Overpass. A 4K from GODSENT’s Markus “pronax” Wallsten gave his team the advantage late in the Overpass game.

Cloud9 fought off BIG on Cobblestone 16-10, and HellRaisers tilted Vega Squadron with the same 16-10 score. Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham both ended the day with one-versus-three and one-versus-four clutches under their belts, respectively.

The only game that wasn’t even remotely close was mousesports’ destruction of Tengri on Infenro, which ended at 16-1.

The matchups and times for tomorrow’s matches are listed below in local Bucharest time (UTC +2) and in Eastern Standard Time. The type of match is also specified for both teams’ places in the Swiss Format, which involves pairing teams with the same records for matches.

10am UTC +2 / 3am ET – Team Liquid vs Penta Sports (1-0 high match)

11:30am UTC +2 – 4:30am ET – OpTic Gaming vs Vega Squadron (0-1 low match)

1:00am UTC +2 – 6am ET— TyLoo vs Renegades (0-1 low match)

2:30am UTC +2 – 7:30am ET – BIG vs Tengri (0-1 low match)

4am UTC +2 – 9:00am ET – Team Dignitas vs Immortals (0-1 low match)

5:30am UTC +2 – 10:30am ET –HellRaisers vs FlipSid3 Tactics (1-0 high match)

7am UTC +2 – 12am ET – G2 Esports vs Cloud9 (1-0 high match)

8:30am UTC +2 – 1:30am ET – mousesports vs GODSENT (1-0 high match)

Tomorrow could be a huge day for some teams, as they will determine the rest of their path through the Swiss system.