Peacemaker becomes general manager of NRG’s CS:GO division

He’ll still be coaching, folks.

After spending the majority of 2016 as a coach, Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu has been brought on as the new general manager and coach of NRG Esports’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operations.

Peacemaker’s new role will, presumably, see him tasked with shaping the organization’s CS:GO team, which has performed poorly throughout all of 2016 after being announced on Jan. 22.

Aside from continuing down his path as a coach, peacemaker will now also be in charge of assembling the organization’s CS:GO roster. “ I could’ve stayed in my comfort zone and join a stable top team, but NRG’s project of completely rebuilding the CS:GO roster. I consider this project to be the biggest and most important project in my CS:GO career,” peacemaker said.

After transitioning to a coaching role in late 2015 after competing for several years, peacemaker worked with Tempo Storm (currently Immortals) and Team Liquid in 2016. While his influence on Immortals was palpable, the coach’s biggest success came when Team Liquid finished second at the ESL One Cologne major in July after an incredible run through the playoffs.

On Oct. 22, however, peacemaker and Team Liquid amicably parted ways, citing undisclosed “disagreements about business principles” as the primary reason for the split. Team Liquid have since then acquired the services of former SK Gaming and Immortals in-game leader Wilton “zews” Prado.

In a statement, peacemaker outlined his feelings surrounding the new opportunity and his own thoughts on how CS:GO had changed in the past few months, particularly Valve changing how much access coaches have during live games.

“During this period, a few orgs did show interest on my services but for me it kinda feels like people are still a bit afraid of this new coaching rule,

investors were not willing to spend money in a coach or all of a sudden people just went back and thought they didnt need a coach anymore.”