Oskar returns to mousesports in the first move of the CS:GO offseason

The move comes four days after the team was eliminated from the ELEAGUE Major.

With the first Valve Major of the year concluding earlier today, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offseason is officially underway.

Mousesports, who were eliminated from the ELEAGUE Major after a disappointing performance in the group stage, will once again bring Czech superstar Tomáš “Oskar” Štastný to their starting roster. As a result, long-time mousesports AWPer Chris “chrisJ” De Jong will no longer compete on the active roster.

The team first acquired the Czech veteran in August of 2016, but despite his prowess on the international stage, Oskar was promptly benched after only two months of competition, and has since remained with the organization as an inactive player.

The move comes after mousesports’ disastrous performance at the ELEAGUE Major, where the team was only able to win one of their group stage games. Mousesports CEO Cengiz Tüylü didn’t hide his disappointment over the performance in the team’s official press release, calling their performance at the ELEAGUE Major a “failure” given their substantial preparation for the event.

“We had extensive holidays, we had a long bootcamp, where the guys worked hard and had very good results in practice but once the pressure was on in Atlanta we couldn’t deliver the performance we had hoped for,” Tüylü wrote.

Oskar’s first game with the roster will be in the upcoming European IEM World Championship qualifier on Feb. 4.