One of CS:GO’s most iconic maps gets new life in stunning Minecraft rebuild


Inferno's A Bomb Site, with the player standing in Graveyard looking towards the site, Short, and Apartments.
Image via Valve

Minecraft players are well-known for re-creating characters, buildings, and other objects from different games. But now, one of them has rebuilt one of CS:GO’s most iconic maps, Inferno.

Many maps from various games brought to Minecraft are re-created with incredible attention to detail, and this time, the case is no different. Five images made their way to Reddit on May 28, showcasing a few of the map’s iconic spots, including CT spawn.

The position has a few different brick models used, one for the arches and roofs of the map, and others for the floor. Besides that, the re-creation also features flowers, polished walls, different kinds of cobblestones, and more. All in all, the detail is stunning and certainly deserves a round of applause from Minecraft and CS:GO fans.

Inferno's A site was recreated in Minecraft.
The A site looks almost identical to CS:GO’s original. Image via u/awesxmesxuce on Reddit

Other photos showcased on Reddit give us a glimpse at the library area, as well as towards the short, A site, and the speedway between B site and arch.

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The creator also detailed the mods and texture packs—MiniaTuria and Cocricot—they used while making the map.

They received congratulations and acclaim from players impressed with their work. A lot of them also underlined how the map gives Counter Strike 1.6 vibes, most likely due to numerous orange bricks and darker short.


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