31 July 2014 - 08:10

The definitive frag video of the best 'Counter-Strike' player ever

The definitive frag video for the best player in Counter-Strike history was released earlier today
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The definitive frag video for the best player in Counter-Strike history was released earlier today.

The highlight reel, cut by Romanian producer "aThId" and commissioned by journalist Duncan "Thorin" Shields, shows off Filip “NEO” Kubski, superstar member of the Golden Five lineup, one of Counter-Strike 1.6’s most legendary teams, in glorious 1440p.

Since 2004 Kubski and his Polish squad have won dozens of major tournaments. He’s a World Cyber Games champion no less than three times, in 2006, 2009, and 2011. He won the Electronic Sports World Cup in 2007. He’s won Dreamhack, the World Series of Video Games, World E-Sports Games, and the Intel Extreme Masters.

But the results are just one of the things that makes Kubski so special. He is not a player who wins with perfect aim, though his skill level is obviously very good. He’s not one of those Scandinavian machines who play every situation perfectly and take every advantage by abusing every angle.

Kubski’s biggest talent was his movement. That’s a hard concept to grasp in a game like Counter-Strike, where players are slow moving and need to stay still in order to fire their guns accurately. But if you watch this video, you might understand some of it.

The AWP play on de_train at 0:46 and rifle play at 3:38 are two examples of deadly ballet that made him so terrific.

Kubski's career continues as the strat caller for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Virtus.pro, winners of the EMS One Katowice tournament earlier this year. He's not the superstar in Global Offensive that he used to be, but he's the leader of one of its best teams.

Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen, a player who competed against Kubski in his prime, put it best.


Screengrab via TVcstrike/YouTube

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