NBK- raises over $12,000 for Australian wildfire relief

The CS:GO pro is the latest streamer to help those affected by Australia's wildfires.

Photo via StarLadder

CS:GO veteran Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt is giving back to the community by raising over $12,000 (11,000 euros) for Australian wildlife relief in today’s charity stream. 

The two-day charity steam was in collaboration with Wildlife Warriors, an organization established in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin to help protect endangered species. NBK- raised over $12,000 (11,000 euros) in donations and celebrated each major milestone in fun and unique ways. 

The lower milestone achievements only caused slight embarrassment or discomfort for NBK-. At the $2,000 (1,000 euros) milestone, NBK- played a full half without glasses, and at $2,500 (1,500 euros) he streamed in a cosplay outfit chosen by the audience. At the $3,000 (2,000 euros) mark he was forced to perform a “shoey,” an Australian tradition where a person fills a shoe with alcohol and chugs it. 

The $3,500 (2,500 euros) milestone was major for the CS:GO pro—he let his audience decide how he would shave his facial hair. The result was NBK- shaving his beard into a handlebar mustache, which he claimed was no big deal in comparison to the amount of money the community raised: “Nah man, I shaved my bear that will grow fast.” NBK- said. “A community raising 10k+, THAT is wild!” 

After sticking true to his word and shaving his facial hair, NBK- continued the stream and celebrated the remaining milestones by opening 100 cases, promising to wearing a wig at the next LAN event, and hosting a Counter-Strike: Source steam with other players. 

The full goal 20,000 euros may have been missed, but NBK- and his followers were still able to raise 11,000 euros, which is no small feat.