Na`Vi and NRG Esports join StarSeries playoffs

The Swiss stage is almost complete.

Natus Vincere and NRG Esports have claimed two of the remaining spots in the StarSeries 5 quarterfinals.

Neither team had a particularly difficult time of things in the first two matches of the day, putting their opponents away in two maps.

Na`Vi faced AVANGAR, who impressed in victories over Gambit and GODSENT but run into stiff opposition from Team Liquid in round four. The match started on AVANGAR’s pick of Mirage. Just as in all their other matches, AVANGAR were not intimidated by their experienced opponents and fought them all the way.

The two sides traded runs of good rounds, with Na`Vi narrowly ahead 8-7 at the half. AVANGAR won the pistol round and tried to push on, but Na`Vi were having none of it. The score was deadlocked at 12-12 and the game was anyone’s. Na`Vi were the ones to take control, closing out the game with three of the next four rounds 16-13.

NRG Esports had an even more comfortable path to the playoffs. They faced off against Australian side Renegades—their wins had come against lackluster Gambit and Virtus Pro sides that were now watching from the sidelines. NRG, meanwhile, hadn’t dropped a map since their round two loss to North.

Cache was the first map, and NRG was surging early. The NA side took a commanding lead in the first half, finishing 11-4 up. Though Renegades won the pistol round and tried to mount a comeback, NRG were able to put them down 16-11.

On Overpass Renegades knew they had to step it up to get a win—but being 1-0 up only seemed to energize NRG. Like in their previous two matches NRG were excited by the prospect of getting out of the server early, and led every step of the way in map two. The lead was only 9-6 at the halfway mark, but NRG dominated their CT side. Winning seven of the next eight rounds NRG didn’t give Renegades a chance.

The final match of the Swiss stage, GODSENT vs. North, gets underway very soon. Once that is complete, we’ll know the lineup for tomorrow’s single elimination quarterfinals.