Maikelele’s Future in Jeopardy with Ninjas in Pajamas

NiP has started trying out new players to see if they want to make a roster change.

There’s no doubt that Maikelele has given phenomenal performances in Dreamhack Winter 2014 and the X games invitational 2015. However, with NiP’s latest performance in IOS Pantamera being poor, people have started questioning the current line-up, particularly Maikelele.

Maikelele is a great player, but NiP’s fans still had not seen enough of him to know that they could completely rely on him. This sparked debate on social media on whether or not Maikelele is a viable player to currently play on NiP. Rumours started emerging about Maikelele leaving the team or even being kicked off by NiP’s officials. These rumours were then spread even wider when Maikelele said he would be playing as a stand-in player for OrbitGG at Nordic Masters in Sweden.

These rumours became more and more prevalent until NiP’s twitter (@NiPGaming) released an official statement on the whole situation. In the statement, NiP explained that they were going to start trying out new players to play for their current five-man line-up. They commended Maikelele and agreed that he is a great talent, but lacks the experience that is required to gain a permanent spot on the team.

Maikelele is not leaving or being kicked off the team, but he will be replaced by other players to see how he stands up in comparison. This leaves him in a very awkward position, but he will just have to prove to NiP how good he really is. What do you think about the situation? Has Maikelele proved to be eligible for the team or does he still have to prove himself?

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