Luminosity Win Group A in ELEAGUE

Recap of Group A of the ELEAGUE, where Luminosity defeated Cloud 9 in the final, aired on TBS.

The group A finals of the TunerELEAGUE took place today, and in a big step for competitiveCounter-Strike, the match aired live on the American televisionnetwork TBS. Viewers were treated to 3 intense maps and Braziliangiant, Luminosity Gaming, defeating the home favorited Cloud 9.After both taking the other’s chosen map, Luminosityprevailed 16-9 on the third map of the series. 

The first map, Mirage, isgenerally seen as one of Luminosity’s strongest maps but theywere soundly defeated on it by Cloud 9. After a 9-6 lead at thehalf, Cloud 9 rolled to a 16-11 victory on themap. 

On the second map, Cobblestone,Luminosity barely defeated Cloud 9 in an extremely close game thatwent to overtime. After taking a late terrorist side lead overCloud 9, Luminosity dropped 2 map points for Cloud 9 to forceovertime. In overtime though, Luminosity dominated and werevictorious with an almost easy 19-16 victory. 

The third map of the series,Dust 2, was controlled by Luminosity from the second round of thegame on. After dropping the opening pistol round Luminosity went onto win 14 straight rounds leading up to halftime to go up 14-1.After a stronger second half for Cloud 9, Luminosity would closeout the map, and the series 16-9 and 2-1. 

With that win, Luminosity Gamingclaim the championship of Group A and walk away with a guaranteedspot in the ELEAGUE playoffs. Cloud 9 will have to win a lastchance qualifier to make the playoffs.

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