Koosta to start for Team Liquid in ESEA pro League

Reports have been flying about the latest potential addition to the Team Liquid Counter-Strike roster

Screengrab via MLG/Twitch

Reports have been flying about the latest potential addition to the Team Liquid Counter-Strike roster. A Breitbart story claiming Kenneth “Koosta” Suen replacing Eric “adreN” Hoag as the main AWP player gained traction today when Liquid player Spencer “Hiko” Martin tweeted that the team would use Suen in tonight’s ESL ESEA pro League matches against Cloud9.

We will be playing with Koosta tonight in our ESL match against Cloud9

Who is Koosta again?

— Spencer Martin (@Liquid_Hiko) February 18, 2016

Yesterday, Team Liquid’s director of esports, Robin Nymann, denied reports that the team had already agreed a deal with Suen. In an interview with The Score Esports, Nymann said the team had been trialling with the player but a deal had yet to be agreed with his current organization, Enemy Esports.

Assuming the signing of Suen will go through, it would be the second major roster addition to Team Liquid in recent weeks. Aleksandr “S1mple” Kostylev joined the team recently to replace the departing Jacob “Fugly” Medina, with many pundits speculating that Kostylev’s addition could be one of the best roster changes in North America in recent times.

Suen’s been the subject of a great deal of excitement after his outstanding performances with Enemy. He has consistently challenged the best players in North America and has been by far the best player on his team. His performance at the MLG America Minor Championship in January threw his name into the spotlight when he recorded 149 kills in six maps.

Team Liquid and Cloud9 will face off in two best-of-ones this evening on Dust2 and Train. Cloud9 currently sit at 2-0 in the standings while Team Liquid have had a disappointing start, posting a 1-3 record. The two teams are both expected to contend for the top spots come the end of the season, so this week-two grudge match could be vital.