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IEM Winter 2021 CS:GO
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Sixteen of the best CS:GO teams in the world have traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to compete at IEM Winter, a $250,000 LAN tournament.

This is one of the last premier Counter-Strike tournaments of the year and comes after two thrilling events, PGL Stockholm Major and BLAST Premier Fall Final, which were held in front of a live audience. IEM Winter, though, is being played in a studio environment, so there’s no crowd.

The tournament has split the 16 teams into two double-elimination format GSL groups. The winner of each group will go straight to the semifinals, while the runners-up and third-placed will advance to the quarterfinals. The playoffs will use a single-elimination bracket.

Gambit and G2 are some of the favorite teams headed into the event as the No. 1 team in the world, Natus Vincere, are not participating in IEM Winter. The winner will take home $100,000 plus 1,000 ESL Pro Tour points.

Here are the scores, standings, and results for each match at IEM Winter.

Playoffs bracket

IEM Winter 2021 CS:GO playoffs
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All times are susceptible to delays.

Sunday, Dec. 5

  • 9am CT: NiP 2-1 GODSENT (NiP 16-10 Nuke, GODSENT 16-8 Overpass, NiP 16-8 Ancient)
  • 12:15pm CT: Vitality 2-1 Gambit (Vitality 16-5 Dust II, Gambit 16-9 Vertigo, Vitality 19-17 Mirage)

Saturday, Dec. 11

  • 9am CT: Vitality 2-0 VP (Vitality 16-13 Mirage, Vitality 16-13 Vertigo)
  • 12:15pm CT: NiP 1-0 G2 (NiP 19-16 Nuke, G2 16-10 Dust II, NiP 16-14 Inferno)

Sunday, Dec. 12

  • 9am CT: Vitality 3-0 NiP (Vitality 16-10 Inferno, Vitality 16-10 Dust II, Vitality 16-13 Nuke)

Group A and B bracket

IEM Winter 2021 CS:GO Groups bracket
Screengrab via Liquipedia


All times are susceptible to delays.

Thursday, Dec. 2

  • 5am CT: NiP 16-8 Astralis (Nuke)
  • 5am CT: Vitality 19-16 MOUZ (Overpass)
  • 6:10am CT: G2 16-13 (Mirage)
  • 6:10am CT: Liquid 16-12 OG (Mirage)
  • 7:20am CT: Gambit 16-9 Fnatic (Ancient)
  • 7:20am CT: VP 19-17 ENCE (Ancient)
  • 8:30am CT: BIG 19-17 FaZe (Mirage)
  • 8:30am CT: Heroic 16-13 GODSENT (Mirage)
  • 12:40pm CT: Vitality 2-0 NiP (Vitality 16-6 Inferno, Vitality 16-9 Mirage)
  • 12:40pm CT: Astralis 2-0 MOUZ (Astralis 16-6 Ancient, Astralis 16-10 Nuke)
  • 2:10pm CT: G2 2-0 Liquid (16-13 Vertigo, 16-14 Dust II)
  • 2:10pm CT: OG 2-0 TYLOO (16-10 Mirage, 16-10 Inferno)

Friday, Dec. 3

  • 6:30am CT: Fnatic 2-0 ENCE (Fnatic 16-11 Overpass, Fnatic 16-13 Nuke)
  • 6:30am CT: FaZe 2-0 Heroic (FaZe 16-13 Inferno, FaZe 16-14 Nuke)
  • 9:45am CT: VP 2-0 Gambit (VP 19-15 Dust II, VP 16-14 Vertigo)
  • 9:45am CT: Liquid 2-0 Astralis (Liquid 16-1 Nuke, Liquid 16-10 Mirage)
  • 1pm CT: NiP 2-1 OG (NiP 16-13 Inferno, OG 16-13 Ancient, NiP 16-8 Nuke)
  • 1pm CT: GODSENT 2-1 BIG (BIG 16-9 Inferno, GODSENT 16-12 Mirage, GODSENT 16-12 Nuke)

Saturday, Dec. 4

  • 6:30am CT: Gambit 2-1 FaZe (FaZe 16-13 Inferno, Gambit 25-22 Overpass, Gambit 16-10 Ancient)
  • 6:30am CT: Fnatic 2-1 BIG (BIG 16-7 Inferno, Fnatic 16-13 Mirage, Fnatic 19-17 Nuke)
  • 9:45am CT: NiP 2-0 Liquid (NIP 16-6 Mirage, NiP 16-12 Inferno)
  • 9:45am CT: G2 2-1 Vitality (Vitalty 16-14 Vertigo, G2 16-14 Mirage, G2 16-9 Inferno)
  • 1pm CT: VP 2-0 GODSENT (VP 16-14 Mirage, VP 16-7 Dust II)
  • 1pm CT: Gambit 2-1 Fnatic (Fnatic 19-16 Inferno, Gambit 22-19 Vertigo, Gambit 16-4 Overpass)


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