How to buy SteelSeries x Neon Rider CS:GO peripherals

The design of the products look amazing.

Image via SteelSeries

SteelSeries, one of the leading gaming peripherals brands, launched an exclusive limited-edition collection today. It features one mouse and two mousepads with the design of CS:GO’s Neon Rider skin.

The partnership with Valve is similar to what SteelSeries did in the past with the Fade and Hyper Beast collection. “This exclusive line brings to life the highly-stylized aesthetics of CS:GO’s Neon Rider skins in a one-time-only collection that will elevate your setup with a colorful synth-wave vibe,” SteelSeries’ website reads.

SteelSeries used the Neon Rider design for the following products: the gaming mouse Sensei Ten, a QcK Prism XL mousepad, and a QcK large mousepad. The Sensei Ten costs $79.99, the QcK Prism XL is $69.99, and the QcK large is $19.99.

If you like these products, be aware that the Neon Rider collection may sell out quickly since several community figures are hyping it up on social media. SteelSeries hasn’t used a CS:GO pro to promote the collection yet, though.

Here’s what you have to do to buy one of the Neon Rider SteelSeries peripherals.

  1. Create an account on SteelSeries’s website. It just requires an email and password.
  2. Verify your account on your email.
  3. Add your address on SteelSeries’ profile dashboard.
  4. Choose the products you want at SteelSeries’ Neon Rider page and check if the company is shipping them to your respective country here before adding them to your cart.
  5. Click on the card and proceed to the checkout page. It’ll require your full name, address, ZIP code, and a phone number before moving to the shipping method.
  6. Select one of the shipping methods and move on to payment. You can pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover), via PayPal, or Affirm.
  7. Place your order.