Hen1 and Lucas1 leave NTC

The team has been boot camping in Germany for the past two weeks.

Two of Brazil’s most successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have parted ways with their former team.

Brothers Henrique “Hen1” and Lucas “Lucas1” Teles—who previously competed for both Immortals and 100 Thieves—have left their most recent endeavor Não Tem Como (NTC) in the midst of a boot camp in Germany. Neither player offered any explanation as to why they chose to leave.

The former NTC roster was assembled on Feb. 19, and consisted primarily of players from the short-lived 100 Thieves roster, which fell apart following the social media-antics of its former AWPer Vito “kNg” Giuseppe, as well as major visa issues. The team was actively searching for a new organization to compete under.

The location of the team’s German bootcamp also fueled speculation, as it is allegedly situated close to the SK Gaming office in Cologne. SK is rumored to be losing its current Brazilian CS:GO roster in July, and NTC—which only features Lincoln “fnx” Lau, Bruno “bit” Lima, and João “felps” Vasconcellos—would have likely served as the best possible replacement for SK’s current squad. But with Hen1 and Lucas1’s departure, those hopes may be in jeopardy. Despite the departure of the brothers, however, the remaining players on the NTC roster will be staying in Germany and are reportedly waiting for the arrival of two new players, according to HLTV.

It is unclear whether or not Hen1 and Lucas1 have signed on with a new team, but Lucas1’s tweet, which confirmed the duo’s departure from NTC, teases that “there will be news soon.”