Gla1ve takes over Astralis’ in-game leadership

Magisk is no longer Astralis' IGL.

Photo via StarLadder

Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander has become Astralis’ captain once again, the 25-year-old announced today after Astralis eliminated Team Liquid from DreamHack Masters Winter Europe.

Gla1ve led Astralis to four Major CS:GO championships but stepped down from the IGL role in April before he left Astralis’ starting lineup temporarily due to feeling symptoms such as stress and burnout in May.

Magisk was Astralis’ in-game leader during ESL One: Road to Rio Europe, gla1ve’s last tournament before he left to take care of his health. Magisk remained the IGL when gla1ve returned in September and led Astralis to two tournament wins this year—ESL One: Road to Rio Europe in May and ESL Pro League season 12 Europe in October.

“It’s true that I am back as the IGL, but it’s pretty easy to be the IGL when my team is killing it,” gla1ve said on Twitter.

Gla1ve congratulated Magisk for taking over the in-game leadership and said that the 22-year-old can now focus on his individual game. Interestingly enough, Magisk kept producing good numbers while he was Astralis’ in-game leader, averaging a 1.08 rating over the last six months, according to HLTV’s statistics.

Astralis will face another tough challenge in the lower bracket of DreamHack Masters Winter Europe. The Danes will have to play against the loser of G2 vs. FURIA for a spot in the playoffs.