FURIA knock Renegades out of StarSeries i-League season eight, advance to consolidation final

HEN1 massivelly helped with 50 frags across the two maps.

Photo via StarLadder

FURIA secured a top-three placing at the CS:GO StarSeries i-League season eight after they beat Renegades 2-0 today.

The Brazilians survived five elimination matches and now have a chance to play at the grand finals against Evil Geniuses if they defeat Fnatic tomorrow in the consolidation final.

FURIA had a fairly easy win on Nuke, winning the first half by 10-5. They kept applying pressure to Renegades on their T-side and never let the Australians get any momentum. FURIA’s snipers Henrique “HEN1” Teles and Andrei “arT” Piovesan were the main reason for the 16-9 win and combined for 50 frags.

Renegades were leading Mirage by 6-1 when FURIA started playing well. The Brazilians won five consecutive rounds, which was crucial to save the first half. FURIA dominated the second half by mainly exploiting the A bombsite and setting up a wall of smoke grenades. HEN1 pulled 25 frags again, which helped FURIA to win the match 16-11.

FURIA are showing their form from the first semester, when they were an unpredictable team. HEN1 is playing surprisingly well this tournament, although he wasn’t on top of his individual game when he signed with FURIA in September.

FURIA and Fnatic will face each other tomorrow at 6am CT in the consolidation final. The winner advances to play against EG in the StarSeries i-League season eight grand finals.