From CS:GO meme to legend: Outsiders’ Jame awarded IEM Rio Major MVP

Counter-Strike has a new king.

The Russian captain and dedicated CS:GO sniper Jame has been decorated the MVP of IEM Rio Major after he led Outsiders to win the $1.25 million Valve-sponsored tournament in Brazil today.

Jame’s calls were decisive for Outsiders to win their first Major trophy, but he was also one of the best players of IEM Rio Major, individually speaking. The 24-year-old averaged a 1.30 rating throughout the Legends Stage and Champions Stage of the tournament according to HLTV, which demonstrates that he had a positive individual impact in almost every round of Outsiders’ campaign.

Although Jame was the third-best player of the tournament in terms of HLTV rating, he topped other leaderboards such as K/D difference (+98), fewer deaths per round (0.46), KAST (79.6 percent), total AWP kills (168), and most AWP kills per round (0.54), according to HLTV.

Jame headed to the grand finals versus Heroic as one of the favorite players to be awarded IEM Rio Major MVP and he overcame his own teammate Pyotr “fame” Bolyshev and Heroic’s stars cadiaN and Martin “stavn” Lund. As usual, Jame didn’t have too many words to describe this historic moment, but thanked his teammates, as well as the fans for all their support.

This is the highest accolade in Jame’s professional CS:GO career, which started in 2017. He was named the 10th best player in the world by HLTV in 2021 and was awarded the MVP of BLAST Pro Series Moscow in 2019 and cs_summit seven in 2021 by HLTV. Now, the Russian player has the same status as other legends like coldzera, s1mple, and dev1ce.