ELEAGUE Group D Finals

FNATIC has taken the crown for ELEAGUE's Group D finals. Here is everything you need to know about the match.

Tonight was the conclusion of Group D of Turner and WME|IMG’s ELEAGUE with an intense match between FNATIC and FaZe Clan.

Throughout this week’s series, both teams demonstrated skill and hunger to secure the winning title and playoff spot for later in the season. The losing team tonight can still reach the playoffs if it succeeds in the last-chance qualifiers after the midseason bye week.

The three maps were Cache, Cobblestone and Nuke if the teams came down to a one-to-one score. FaZe picked Cache while FNATIC chose Cobblestone.

FNATIC had an explosive start to the first half, the team’s counter-terrorist side, which only allowed FaZe to gain five rounds. But FaZe was playing strong after the half switch to close the gap 10-13. FNATIC recovered and took the first map 16-12.

According to HLTV, Cache is more CT-sided. Both teams did have more success on their CT-sides. It seemed as if both teams had problems with adjusting to the defending team’s strategies.

Cache started out in FNATIC’s favor as the Swedes picked up 13 rounds before FaZe could even score one. FNATIC took the first half 14-1, but FaZe went into the second half guns blazing and picked up an amazing pistol round. FaZe attempted to come back, but FNATIC closed out the game 16-5.

Once again, the CT-side was stronger for both teams, though FaZe wasn’t able to capitalize on it since there was such a large gap between scores.

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson of FNATIC was also awarded the Blazinn Hot Player award from Buffalo Wild Wings for this week. It seems as if his break due to injury hasn’t knocked olofmeister down. The break to recover has shown that he is eager to get back to where he and his team were before.

FNATIC took the Group D finals with a 2-0 win, so the players will be headed to the playoff week later in the season. FaZe will have another chance to qualify along with other second-place finishers.

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