Swag, DaZeD, and azk to join forces following ESL unban

The recently unbanned players are already making plans for the future.

Players from the former iBuyPower roster are making moves in the North American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, with some team possibilities already in the air.

The ex-iBuyPower team found out earlier today that they’ll be unbanned from ESL events on Aug. 1, and they’ve already started speculating about who they intend to play with. Braxton “swag” Pierce (aka Brax), Sam “DaZeD” Marine, and Keven “azk” Lariviere will likely compete together in the near future, according to Brax on his Twitch stream.

This would mean that three of the five players from the ex-iBP roster will reunite, leaving Josh “steel” Nissan and Tyler “skadoodle” Latham out of the mix. Skadoodle is a tenured primary AWPer for Cloud9, while steel is a popular Twitch personality, who has apparently had bad blood with one of his former teammates. Steel was also recently nominated as streamer of the year for his CS:GO and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds broadcasts.

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“Azk is definitely down to come back,” Brax said on stream earlier today. “I already talked to him. I don’t know about the fourth and fifth [players].” Azk is a professional Overwatch player for Team Liquid as of now.

Potential pickups mentioned on Brax and DaZeD’s streams include Joye “fxy0” Schlosser of the unbanned Epsilon Esports roster, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte of NRG Esports, and Ethan “nahtE” Arnold of CLG. But nothing is set in stone for any of these big-name North Americans.

One of the biggest roster shuffles in North American Counter-Strike history awaits on the horizon, and fans can’t wait to see the result.