CS:GO Update Improves the User Interface for Spectators

Valve has released an update for CS:GO which is centred around spectators

With ESL One Katowice just around the corner, Valve has released an update for CS:GO which is centred around spectators

An update for Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released last night which mainly focuses around the User Interface for both spectators and casters. By using shift when drawing on the map overview, it is now possible to see the approximate time for a player to travel the distance drawn. It is now possible to have two separate colours when drawing too. The main aspects of this update will be a great addition for casters and will certainly add to the viewing experience for spectators.

When looking at the scoreboard, it is now possible to see in-depth round win information from throughout the game. The middle of the scoreboard now chronologically shows round win order and the method by which these rounds are wo

Additional features from the update can be found in the change log below:


– Added round result history visuals to the scoreboard for Competitive games.

– Spectators/casters can now use SHIFT when drawing on the map overview which will show the approximate time it takes to travel that (2D) distance.

– Drawing on the overview map can now be done in two colours using left and right mouse buttons.

– Lines drawn on the overview map are now smoothed.

– The map overview drawing is now a bit cheaper to render.

– Added a WIP “Grid” option to allow drawing to snap to a standard grid (that can be accessed for spectators if “mapoverview_allow_grid_usage” is 1).


– Added server event logging for match start which also includes the team names playing as CT and T.

– Added server event logging details for kills that occur with penetration, domination, and revenge modifiers similar to how the headshot modifier was logged previously.


– Fixed the round stats sometimes reporting that the round ended by time running out when the bomb was defused.

– Fixed a very rare case when Ts could kill a defusing CT, win the round, and a dead CT could still score a bomb defusal and earn defuse money bonus after the round was already over.

– Added flavour text to Operation Phoenix collection weapons.

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