CS:GO player gets a Scout quad kill with 2 jump shots on Dust II

Talk about precision.

Image via Valve

A CS:GO content creator named Scouter has accomplished a new highlight with the SSG 08, popularly known as the Scout, the game’s cheap sniper rifle—and, obviously, his favorite weapon.

Scouter was playing on the T-side of Dust II in a FACEIT PUG and his team was in a four-vs-four situation when they entered the A bombsite via Catwalk. The Scout-main player dealt with the CT on the bombsite with a headshot through his own teammate and then hit a couple of ridiculous jump shots on one player rotating via CT spawn and the other who was sitting on Car. Scouter then jumped to CT spawn and nailed his final headshot on the last enemy alive to wrap up the round.

Although we don’t know the level of his opponents, this clip makes it clear that Scouter is above the average player and that he has a good understanding of Scout mechanics. The cheap sniper rifle is a highly accurate weapon that can hit shots even when a player is jumping—if they time it correctly. If you want to master the Scout, you’ll eventually have to learn how to hit headshots with it since its bullet doesn’t kill armored players with a single body shot like the AWP does, which is basically the only negative aspect of the Scout.

Whether you want to learn how to become a good Scout player or if you just enjoy watching someone wreck opponents with a non-meta gun, you can check out more content from Scouter on his YouTube channel.