A sneak peek at Perfect World’s CS:GO stickers and graffitis

Check out this brand-new line of cosmetics from Perfect World’s version of CS:GO.

Photo via Perfect World

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive officially arrived in China almost two weeks ago thanks to game publisher Perfect World, and with it, came more cosmetic skins, stickers, and graffiti sprays.

The Spectrum 2 Case immediately dropped on the international Steam community market following the game’s debut in China, but Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1, Sticker Capsule 2, and Graffiti Box are still exclusive to Chinese users (check the gallery above for all the photos of the stickers and graffiti). Users who partake in the opening month launch of CS:GO in China will be given each drop. Those capsules will be available for purchase for players worldwide sometime in October, according to Valve.

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The collections of stickers and graffiti contain a diverse mix of stickers centered around Chinese culture. Many figures include prominent foods, symbols, words, figures, and animals–both real and mythic. When the various cosmetic items reach the Steam community, you’ll have 30 sticker and 18 graffiti options to choose from.

Both sticker capsules contain 12 Mil-Spec (Blue) stickers, one Restricted (Purple) sticker, and two Classified (Pink) stickers, with each color increasing in inherent case-odd rarity The graffiti box, however, has nine Mil-Spec (Blue) graffiti sprays, six Restricted (Purple), and three Classified (Pink).

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a box or capsule after they hit the Steam community, you can sell them for a huge profit, because they won’t be as common. Their user-listed prices will gradually decrease in accordance with the economic Law of Supply and Demand. But if you opt not to sell your item, you can equip your graffiti or slap a sticker onto your weapon of choice, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new personalized CS:GO cosmetic interface.