CS:GO map creator says custom player models are game-breaking

FMPONE thinks that Valve should add an option to disable it.

Screengrab via Valve

Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling, one of de_cache’s creators, has publicly spoken against custom player models, which arrived along with the newest CS:GO operation this week, Shattered Web.

The operation has introduced customizable characters that players can equip and use. These characters are called “agents” and are defined by rarity, similar to weapon skins. Players can obtain a Distinguished agent, Superior agent, Exceptional agent, and Master agent.

“Custom player models in CSGO is, unfortunately, game-breaking,” FMPONE said. “The only way this idea works is an option to disable it. I know this isn’t what Valve wants to hear. The idea is bad for gameplay. Mappers pick certain skins (.kv file) because they want clear contrast.”

FMPONE, however, realizes that this update doesn’t affect CS:GO tournaments. Event organizers can disable the new models if it affects competitive play. FACEIT, for example, has decided to use the default models for the ECS season eight finals after discussing the matter with teams and the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association.

To FMPONE, casual players who play matchmaking will be the ones who are harmed the most by the introduction of these models.

Many fans and players replied to FMPONE’s tweet, including Daniel “ddk” Kapadia, one of the most famous CS:GO casters. “Totally agree,” Ddk said. “Competitive integrity is king and should never be compromised.”

Valve may have added the agents to attract new players to CS:GO. There are a lot of casual players who enjoy cosmetics, but this is a feature that Counter-Strike fans have never experienced before.

The devs will most likely hear the feedback and provide an option to disable the new models in a future update.