CS:GO caster HenryG accused of sexual assault and emotional abuse by ex-girlfriend

HenryG has yet to respond publicly to the accusations.

CS:GO caster and former pro player Henry “HenryG” Greer has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by Twitch streamer and ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean.

Jean detailed her relationship with HenryG in a TwitLonger today, accusing the 31-year-old caster of physical and emotional abuse.

“My ex Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer, was verbally, emotionally & mentally abusive and had sex with me when I did not and could not consent,” Jean wrote.

According to Jean, the two celebrated New Year’s together this year. In the streamer’s post, she explains that while under the influence of marijuana, HenryG engaged in sexual activity with Jean without her consent. Jean said she had told the CS:GO caster she was uninterested in having sex before he made advances.

“What he did was wrong and an incredibly selfish decision that has had a pretty profound psychological impact on me,” Jean wrote.

Jean also accused HenryG of repeatedly calling her a victim as a way to “completely undermine and discredit [her] feelings.” Similarly, the streamer accused him of yelling at her in public, gaslighting her, and threatening physical violence against one of her friends.

In addition to the TwitLonger, Jean shared a screengrab of a Discord chat log between the two with a message from HenryG apologizing for his actions.

Update June 23 at 3:30pm CT: HenryG denied the allegations in a document with screenshots of WhatsApp messages between him and Kelly Jean. In his response, the CS:GO caster claims what transpired between him and his ex-girlfriend “was consensual” and “ended when [Jean] decided she did not want to continue.”

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