Kinguin shakes up roster, flip Skytten for Dennis

It didn’t take long for change to come to the year’s biggest experiment in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It didn’t take long for change to come to the year’s biggest experiment in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Kinguin, the Counter-Strike team that sought to combine star players representing four different nations, has officially brought on Dennis Edman to replace the departed Alexander “Skytten” Carlsson.

The move marks a big change for the organization. Carlsson had served as Kinguin’s in-game leader, the most pivotal role for any Counter-Strike team. Behind Carlsson was a roster of big names from Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, and Norway. The language barriers in this amalgamation of European nationalities created what seemed like a stiff challenge for Carlsson in commanding his team.

Even with such dynamic playmakers as Mikail “Maikelele” Bill and Adil “Scream” Benrlitom, the load appeared too much for Carlsson when it was announced this week that he was departing Kinguin to step away from the responsibilities of a leadership position and focus on his own individual abilities.

Kinguin had already found some success without Carlsson while fielding capable substitute Nikola “Niko” Kovac, and the team has now turned to another strong talent in their search for a more permanent replacement in the form of Dennis Edman.

The Swedish player performed well in his own brief time as a substitute for Kinguin, and this was enough to inspire the organization to sign Edman and mark his return to the competitive Counter-Strike scene.

In an official statement on the move, Bill was effusive in his praise of Edman and spoke to the team’s bright future.

“We all know what he’s capable of and we know that he will bring the experience and firepower we need to succeed as a team,” Bill said.

The team will now look forward to the Gaming Paradise final and the offline qualifier for ESL Cologne, which the side qualified for with Edman in the lineup.

Image via Team Kinguin

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