Fetish steps in after Glaive’s embarrassing departure

The former leader of Dignitas looks to be taking up the reigns for another top Danish side

Screengrab via Jonathan Larsson/YouTube

The former leader of Dignitas looks to be taking up the reigns for another top Danish side.

Team captain Henrik “Fetish” Christensen was removed from Dignitas earlier this month. Now, he’ll be tagging up for Copenhagen Wolves instead.

Christensen has joined Copenhagen Wolves to allow the team to participate in the upcoming European qualifier for MLG’s Counter-Strike tournament at X Games Aspen. The need arose after the team’s former captain, Lukas “Glaive” Rossander, resigned from the squad.

Rossander was involved in a dramatic dispute at the live final of the Gaming.dk domestic league in Denmark.

While at the event, Rossander refused to take the main stage without the accompaniment of his girlfriend, who was in attendance. As each team is allowed only one person to accompany them to the stage during play and another member of the team already had a significant other in tow, tournament officials informed Rossander that his girlfriend wouldn’t be allowed on stage.

Rossander waited for more than an hour before tournament officials tired of the delay and acquiesced. Following the event, however, they announce announced Rossander would be suspended from upcoming events. Shortly thereafter, Copenhagen Wolves relieved Rossander of his duties with the team, citing his conduct at the Gaming.dk final.

Christensen should constitute an able replacement for the team, though the move puts them even more in flux than they already were. Rossander was released barely more than a week after the team had replaced two players in a bid to improve the roster after a series of disappointing tournament results, most notably at DreamHack Winter.

Christensen’s joining isn’t yet official, so it may be that they team has even more changes planned following the MLG qualifiers.