Pair of European Counter-Strike teams find new homes

Two teams trying to make their mark in the European Counter-Strike scene have just gotten a big boost

Two teams trying to make their mark in the European Counter-Strike scene have just gotten a big boost.

When a group of British veterans formed a new team called the The Lone Rangers last month, opinions on the team’s potential were mixed. British Counter-Strike has been mired in a prolonged low since transitioning from Source to Global Offensive.

But the team acquitted itself well with a solid performance in the SLTV Star Series competition, and their potential has not gone unnoticed. On Sept. 30, British esports organization FM-esports announced it had acquired the team.

FM-esports has seemed to be looking for a way back into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a while. The organization temporarily backed a local team during this summer’s Gfinity event. In The Lone Rangers, it appears to have finally found what it was looking for.

In a statement on the team’s website, player Brandon Weber expressed optimism with the move.

“Hopefully this is a step forward in putting the UK scene back on the Counter-Strike map,” Weber said.

Meanwhile, Spanish esports organization x6tence has acquired Spain’s top Counter-Strike side, led by Jonathan “Musamban1” Torrent.

X6tence has long been a presence in the western European esports community, and only returned to activity earlier this year. For Torrent, the move marks a return to the team he made his name with years ago. Also making a return to the x6tence organization are Antonio “Flipin” Rivas del Ray and David “Kairi” de Miguel.

While the team did not offer specific details on the deal, they did assure fans that the team would now be fully professional.

Both FM-Esports and x6tence will soon be competing in qualifiers for the Electronic Sports World Cup, the finals for which will begin Oct. 29.

Photo via FM-esports

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