Copenhagen Wolves shuffle roster after disappointing DreamHack

The Danish Counter-Strike scene has seen yet another shuffling.

Image via Nicolaj Jensen/Facebook

The Danish Counter-Strike scene has seen yet another shuffling.

Copenhagen Wolves announced today that they will restructure their roster. The team recruited two new players local to Denmark, Nicolaj “Nico” Jensen and Philip “Aizy” Aistrup.

Jensen makes his return to Copenhagen Wolves after playing a part in the team’s prior successes. Aistrup is a fresh addition to the squad, most recently competing with Denmark’s top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Dignitas.

Aistrup was released from Dignitas after spending several months with the team, who replaced him with Rene “cajunb” Borg. But Copenhagen Wolves indicated that they saw enough from Aistrup’s play to justify his addition.

To make room for the two newcomers, Copenhagen Wolves parted ways with Jesper “Tenzki” Mikalski and Casper “Cadian” Moller.

The move was made as a result of the team’s poor performance at DreamHack Winter. The squad was knocked out of group play following a blowout loss to the newly restructured iBUYPOWER roster and a tight upset loss to Penta Sports.

Mikalski’s departure might also have been influenced by his behavior at the snap qualifier held from DreamHack Winter following the disqualification of Epsilon and Titan from that event. Copenhagen Wolves advanced over Finnish team 3DMAX, but Mikalski made a dramatic scene shouting profanities and insults to his opponents following the win.

Mikalski later apologized over Twitter.

The new Copenhagen Wolves roster will debut tonight in domestic action in the League.