Counter-Strike 2 players are convinced shooting is delayed and nobody knows why

So that's why we keep missing.

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Counter-Strike 2’s shooting might be slightly inferior to CS:GO, at least according to eagle-eyed players in the community.

One CS2 gamer compared both titles frame by frame, eventually deducing the new Source 2 engine slows down a bullet’s registration in the kill feed. They uploaded a video of the alleged delay when shooting in CS2 to Reddit on March 27, and it sparked a tech debate in the CS community.

The clip in question showcased the precise points where the animation, kill feed, and crosshair were triggered and contrasted the two.

Players flocked into the forum to share their hypotheses’ but the consensus seemed to be that there was no way to tell what was actually happening.

Users questioned whether the issue came from animation differences or delays rather than the actual input, and others believed that the videos were not conclusive of anything. The main concern surrounded Valve’s promises of a “system [that] works better than 128 tick” and whether they’d actually be able to deliver.

Players have been spotting bugs throughout their early CS2 matches. Recently, players spotted a bug that caused your weapon to fire uncontrollably. The glitch made the AWP look like an LMG, but thankfully the bullets don’t actually harm other players.

Another glitch saw the new-and-improved Source 2 smokes glitch into walls. Players would throw smoke grenades at a precise point between a door hinge and a brick wall, leading to the smoke sitting in between the sandstone. This particular type of bug is an incredibly problematic issue, as Counter-Strike has always heavily relied on smoke tactics.

This could be the next issue for Valve to look at. While this isn’t a game-breaking glitch, it’s sure to be added to the list of CS gamer excuses. Odds are we’ll be seeing several more throughout the beta’s lifespan.

For now, at least, in CS2‘s early life we’ll just have to get used to it.

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